Vila Jarmila depandance and wine cellar

Vila Jarmila - reconstruction (Pdf.)

Velké Bílovice, described as Pelwitz in Latin documents, belonged to themonastery in Velehrad. Otto of Parče founded a homestead of the monastery in 1362. In 1415, the homestead with a stronghold, later turned into a small castle (the current granary), belonged to the Family of Lichtenstein. Lords of Žerotín bought Bílovice in 1531. The heyday of the homestead with fields and vineyards came in 1582 thanks to Ladislav Velen of Žerotín. He was well educated at universities in Basel and Heidelberg. His pursuit of power brought him the office of Land Sheriff. Velen fully enjoyed life as a Renaissance bon vivant and daredevil and used his wealth to please both 
body and spirit. Velen’s determined and energetic nature showed itself positively in 1619 when he joined the side of the Moravian uprising against the Habsburgs. The defeat in the Battle at the White Mountain a year later brought him a death sentence – his name was hammered to the gallows and his property was confiscated and passed to the Lichtenstein family.


Vila Jarmila Vila Jarmila Vila Jarmila Vila Jarmila - wine cellar

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